Гоунсесан Дерматология Ким Ян Дже Дерматология / Волосы / Эстетика / Косметика

About us

Since 1984
We have over 30 years of history, so that we have accumulated clinical expertise

First skin clinic in Korea to get certified by JCI
which means that the clinic global standards in quality and patient safety

Personalized Treatments
The clinic has 4 dermatologists, 1 anesthesiologist and a variety of laser equipments.

  • JCI is the international healthcare
    certification system
    This Global certification system issues healthcare
    international rating agencies which conclude
    agreements with WHO (World Health Organization)
    to improve patients’ safety and quality of healthcare
  • Award of the Minister of
    Health and Social Welfare
    BIO & MEDICAL KOREA 2014 / Korea Healthcare
    Reliability field (The Skill of Korean medicine is
    world known and became widespread for the
    active attraction of foreign patients)
  • CKA Korea-China Business Credit
    A trustworthy hospital certified by the
    Department of Commerce of Chinese

Introduction to the procedures

Skin Whitening and Pigmentation, Tattoo Clinic - Melasma, Freckles, Lentigines, Skin tone

  • Enlighten (USA)
  • Gentle-Max Pro (USA)
  • Lumenis M22 (USA)
  • Revlite (USA)
  • BBL (USA)
  • Ruby (Germany)
  • Helios 3 (Korea)
  • A-Tone (Korea)

Pores and Scar Clinic - Pores, Wrinkles, Acne, Acne Scars

  • SmartLux (Korea)
  • Fraxel Restore Dual (USA)
  • Encore (USA)
  • ICON X (USA)
  • Belody (Italy)
  • Dermablate (Germany)
  • Erbium-YAG (USA)
  • Intracel (Korea)
  • SellasEvo (Korea)

Anti-aging Clinic - Wrinkles, Lifting, Skin tightening

  • Ulthera (USA)
  • Thermage CPT (USA)


  • Excimer (USA)

Facial Flushing, Telangiectasia

  • V-Star (USA)
  • Vbeam Perfecta (USA)
  • Excel V (USA)

Obesity and Body Contouring

  • Neo Ultrashape (Israel)
  • Belody (Italy)

Benign tumor

  • Co2 (Korea)


  • Liposat (Germany)
  • Lipomatic 2 (Belgium)

Hair transplantation

  • Artas (USA)

Alopecia, hair clinic - Alopecia areata, Male pattern alopecia / Female pattern alopecia Scalp care, Meso-therapy, Follicles Injection, PRP, Hair transplantation

Petit Cosmetic Clinic - Wrinkles in the middle of the forehead and around the eyes, Nasolabial fold, Square jaw, Sunken cheek Botox / Filler / FAMI autologous fat transplant

Dark circle, Relocation of under eyes fat Make incision in the proximal conjunctiva of the eyes with a laser and remove the fat for relocation

Before and After Photographs

  • Freckles Lumenis M22+Revlite

  • Solar Lentigines Gentle Max Pro + Revlite

  • Nevus of OTA Gentle Max Pro + Revlite

  • Lentigines Gentle Max Pro + Enlighten

  • Acne Scars Encore + Dermablate

  • Acne Scars ICONX + Fraxel Dual

  • Wrinkles on the Forehead Encore + Dermablate

  • Wrinkles Encore + Dermablate

  • Wrinkles(facial Lifting) Ulthera + Thermage CPT

  • Removal of Under Eyes Fat Encore

  • Facial flushing VBeam Perfecta + VStar + Excel V

  • Melasma Enlighten + V Beam

Gowoonsesang Cosmetics

Cosmeceutical cosmetics company developed by a dermatologist Gowoonsesang manufactures cosmetics via the science of skin.
This expertise has been accumulated through 20 years of experiences and one million clinical cases. We will endeavor to provide the best clinical service for a happier life and healthy, beautiful skin.

Main products Cleansing / Toner / Emulsion / Essence / Cream / UV Block / BB Cream / Mask / Body Care

Main Contents • Supply of product to Asiana Airline’s in-flight (Dr.G Bio-RTx Mentor Cream 7)
• Supply of products to Boots of Thailand / Watsons in China
• Opened our own shop in the famous multi-shopping mall in Shanghai, China, the “LongMont Shopping Mall”
• Execution of exclusive supply contract with the “SASA”, in Hong Kong / Singapore / Taiwan / Malaysia
• Commencement of export to and local sales in the America / Canada / Australia
• Commencement of export to and local sales in the Netherlands / Belgium / Luxembourg
• Supply of products to Lotte Department Store (Hanoi) and Diamond Department Store (Ho Chi Minh) in Vietnam
• Opening of our own sales corner within a duty free shop in the urban center of Jeju and opening of our own sales corner
   within a duty free shop in Lotte
• Supply of products to Oliveyoung / Watsons / Lohbs / B+H in Korea

Main Product Line

  • Sun Block(Medi UV Ultra Sun)

    • Strong ultra-violet protection
    • Wet adhesio
    • Whitening, Wrinkle reduction,
       ultra-violet protection

  • B.B. Cream (Brightening Balm)

    • Whitening in accordance with
       the certificate of KFDA
    • Wrinkle reduction
    • Trifunctional UV protection

  • Mask Pack (Hydra Intensive)

    • Highly Concentrated Sheet Mask
    • Strong moistering effect
    • Skin soothing effect

  • [ soothing ] Highly Concentrated Essence (RED-Blemish Ampoule)

    • Redness of sensitive skin care
    • Suitable for Acne prone skin
    • Quick soothing of sensitive skin

  • [ Skin Rejuvenation ] Dr.G Revital Enhancer EGF

    • Contains the EFF, a Nobel Prize-winning
    • Eliminates wrinkles / skin elasticity / whitening
    • Skin soothing and protection

  • Hydra Intensive - A set of three cosmetics

    • Skin-friendly moisturizing
    • Skin astringent and skin soothing
    • Nutrition ingredients nourishes skin

  • [ Incentive Program ] Four-week intensive care ampules provide
                                          intensive skin care for 28 days

    • Contains 5% EGF Complex
    • Improves skin elasticity & skin tone
    • Skin soothing and protection
    • Eliminates wrinkles/Dual whitening function

Business Hours

  • Mon. - Thur.
    10 am ~ 7 pm

  • Fri.
    10 am ~ 8 pm

  • Sat.
    10 am ~ 5 pm

  • Holidays
    10 am ~ 1 pm

  • Sun.

  • Lunch Time
    1 pm ~ 2:30 pm

How to get to the clinic

#686 Jungangdae-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan, Korea (Bujeon-dong, 5F of the H&M Bldg.)

At "Seomyon" Station in Exit 2 direction, at the end of DaeHyeon underground mall - left exit (it takes about 10 minutes)
Parking Lotunderground parking lot inside the H&M building, "Judies Tehwa" parking lot

Airport (1) Limousine : Seomyon/ Busan Station on
> "Seomyon 1st Street" off
> opposite the H&M building, 5th floor (it takes about 15 minutes)
(2) Subway : light rail on (Sasang Station)
> At Sasang Station transfer to subway Line 2
   (Haeundae Jangsan Station direction)
> "Seomyon" station off (it takes about 30 minutes)

Berth (1) Busan Passenger Terminal > subway Line 1 on (Nopo-dong direction)
> "Seomyon" station off (it takes about 15 minutes)
(2) International Cruise Terminal > taxi on
> Seomyon “H&M” off (it takes about 30 minutes)

Busan Station (1) Subway Line 1 on (Nopo-dong direction) > "Seomyon" station off (it takes about 12 minutes)